Andbox is the home of New York's flagship teams in the world's preeminent esports leagues. They own and operate NYXL in the Overwatch League and the Subliners in the Call of Duty League.

In September of 2020 Andbox ventured into VALORANT, picking up a brand new roster. With this also meant that Andbox wanted to create a new visual style for their new team with a very glitchy and gritty feel to it. Think post apocalyptic Times Square. I had the opportunity to work on and develop the new look for Andbox VALORANT in some of these new digital assets for the team via Level99!

Please note that some graphics may include placeholder text and images.

Various images designed for the different social media platforms of the Andbox VALORANT team during the year of 2020.
All work done at Level99
for Andbox

Art Direction/Design Lead:

Creative Director:
James Stedman​​​​​​​