Booga Booga
Booga Booga is a game by Soybeen
I was given the task to redesign the UI for the game Booga Booga after redesigning the original UI for fun.

This was the original UI for the game Booga Booga. I played the game and the UI bothered me so much that I decided that I would completely redesign it for fun.

This was the first draft of the redesign that I did for fun. I posted this onto my Roblox Twitter where it was later seen by Soybeen. I was then commissioned by Soybeen to officially redesign the UI for Booga Booga.

After listening to Soybeen's feedback, I changed my original concept from a light theme to a dark transparent theme. One of the key changes was the player stats on the bottom right. I really loved my original design, but I was told that it would have been too hard to implement into the game.
This design was then later implemented into the game.

This was one of the other styles that I was interested in for the UI, however I ended up sticking to the minimal style, and used this design for a later project with Soybeen: Big Booga Dig