Paris Legion
Call of Duty League Season 2 
Paris Legion is a professional esports team representing the city of Paris, France in the Call of Duty League.

While working at Level99, I had the opportunity to work on a new brand refresh for the Paris Legion as they headed into their second season within the Call of Duty League! 

We had the opportunity to shape the Legion into something that hadn't yet been seen in the CoD community. Where edginess is widespread in the scene, we went against the grain and took a lot of inspiration for the design style from high fashion, theatre and chill vibes. Maybe we made the classiest team in the league?

Please note that some graphics may include placeholder text and images.
Various images designed for the different social media platforms of Paris Legion during the year of 2021.
All work done at Level99 for Paris Legion

Art Direction/Design Lead:

Creative Director:
James Stedman